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Hola Julio, me gustaría agendar una sesión contigo. Te escribí por instagram pero no pudiste responder, quería saber si en vez de pagar la sesión de youtube puedo pagar sesiones en las que me expliques estos conceptos de sabiduría. Gracias!

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Hola Derek, si claro! Puedes reservar aquí - https://juliofroment.com/#consulting y despues puedes mandarme un mensaje sobre los temas que quisieras tratar :)

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I wonder where that 1000 days before a venture success comes from. I’ve seen it in a bunch of places now.

I always forget about via negativa but it’s such a great concept. It works wonders when you’re stuck with a decision! Thanks for the reminder :)

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In marriage and career, you just need to win once and you're successful. It doesn't matter how many times you fail and all, (don't confuse this with shiny thing syndrome or one's frivolous character).

And 80% of the win is because of choosing the right partner/career.

20% is you, you being hardworking/skilled/empathetic and all.

And 'self-improvement' is about that 20% only, rest is all about how smart you're with your wants and how aware as well.

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