"Some wealthy people are robust, it's just that you don't hear about them"

Overcoming your perception of sight bias is so important to believe into the existence of things which don't exist, and social media made it worse, as people will get to know about money and wealth from lavish people and their extrinsic motivated lifestyle than Naval Ravikant or other intellectual happy people who are very realistic.

Its the same reason why you don't believe in happy marriages even though a happy couple might be living next door but you get to hear a divorce from 30 houses away, and moreover its the nature of happiness to be noticed by happy people and not working on the attention of others.

And then people use statistics to further fuel their bias despite learning how the data is based and how to evaluate data.

Happy New Year in advance Julio, looking forward for your channel's growth in 2024.

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Gr8 initiative

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