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I think the ideal life one can live is of

Being a curious kid

An artist teen

An adult engineer

And finally a wise old philosopher .

Ik it's unrelated to your post but it struck upto me while reading about elon musk.

Jobs like politician, entrepreneur and etc. are unhinged from these, you can be a janitor still be curious/artist/engineer and philosopher.

Occupations/Jobs/Entrepreneurship are just the way to earn money while using the skills from the ideal life.

Even I as a video editor draws inspiration from chemistry, physics, religion and other stuff to put into my art so that I can progress into being an engineer.

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and all the successful people's lives fit under this category too. I am still not clear on my idea due to being a teen and lack of experience but I surely have faith in it and can project onto other successful people's lives (or maybe I am just falling into a pattern bias which creates an illusion that I know something haha)

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