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Hey Julio , would you mind to tell us how you network/met/befriend with these people whom you mentioned in your "family dinner" and what extract from Nassim Taleb you were referring for same.

Moreover can you tell me the brand name which is selling kids garments in India (since that is where I live too).

And apart from that, the BORON letters sounds extremely convincing, just like Meditations which was never supposed to be published and your obsession with Naval Ravikant to drag his words in any subject is adorable, since I use his opinions in a every aspect of my life and it always ends up making the problem solving more efficient.

Moreover, I'd love to have you spitting your wisdom too. Your insights which you were able to make out (the fundamentals) not the relations which you already do. If you ended up reading till here, I pray for your well being. (I am just extremely grateful of your work being posted online, it helped me to transform a lot since I used to have a so fucked up attention span that I can't read books properly and neither organise thoughts well)

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Thanks for your comment Jarus! I just bought a beer and started talking people around haha and then met more people in the dinner just because they were near from me in the table. All the best for you too Jarus 🌈

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