“Any year that passes in which you don't destroy one of your best-loved ideas is a wasted year.”

Love this! Growth is more about the beliefs we left behind than the knowledge we accumulate.

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Dec 17, 2023Liked by Julio Froment

This was your shortest and perhaps the best newsletter I came across , I was aware of confirmation bias but it went further than that in the first 2 paras. Something which I'd like to add is People who are keen to learn new ideas not necessarily hold the different ideas but a simpler and a more deeper version of it.

Its like they know how to cut through bs, while reforming their ideas, like Naval Ravikant's tweets from today and 5 years ago are same, the difference lies today's tweet are a compressed version of his several ideas in just one, which affects all aspects of his other ideas. (I hope you can understand) its like his "money advice" in 2017 got reformed to "purpose/happiness advice" in 2023. He combined/understood the worth of money collectively in our society with happiness. Not seperating them. Its like same as a student asking me how to learn periodic table and I tell him to understand the properties of elements in chemical reactions.

(In this way, he'll learn periodic table, solving chemical equations and understanding the elements itself)

A compressed and a more usable version of this same advice which will work in every domain would be

"Find that one thing from your collective tasks which will make everything else easier or unnecessary"

And a more compressed version would be

"Learning fundamentals is important than learning the stuff itself"

And then

"All solutions are same cause all problems are same"

And then

"Problems arise from inefficient solutions"

And then

"Efficiency is a direct cause of entropy"

Like its the same idea of teaching chemistry to that student but densely package and extracted to be used in various places.

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I think I can take it a step further and say "Entropy is growth"

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